Creative Process

You never know what beauty holds until you see it in the little things.

A feather moving in the wind. The shadows formed in the sand on the beach. Small flowerpettels making colourful patterns on the streets.

You never know what beauty holds until you see it in the little things.

Leaves that move around your feet when you walk, making sounds.

The wind that make plants move with slowmotion

You never know what beauty holds until you see it in the little things.

With all of you.


From the small vision to artwork

From the small vision to finished piece of artwork – the steps can be few or very long, can take just a few hours or years.

I do myself adore the process and are very interested in other artsist way of working, what is it in their vision that changes it from just a visual idea to something concrete.

For me the smallest of things in nature can spark an idea, lots of times I am not sure what yet, can take some time to grow from that little thread to something that is workable, like taking a piece of string that is bundled together and making it untangled. Or you can also resemble it with a seed, a seed that is planted inside of you, ready to start growing, it needs nurture and when it is ready it will start to flourish and grow, the roots (the idea) will get stronger and the plant (the artwork itself) with take shape and fall into its nature path.

You never know in the beginning of the process what will actually be fruitful, but if you don’t start you will never know what awaits in that creative vision.


Choice of materials and technique

When it comes to the choice of material and approach it is a natural choice throughout the process to make the visions message come across the way you want to.

If you look at the collage; I see patterns, shades, decay, imperfections, that the broken and flawed is beautiful and should not be judged. Our fragility needs to be taken care of, nurtured and treasured, otherwise we break. And the finished piece is ment to be tactile, to be touched for people to feel our vulnerability.

The way I treat and approach materials are depended on what outcome I feel is necessary, some things might only need little work and some more. I myself like to combine materials that maybe not are the norm, for example fabric and concrete. Or like the collage here, fabric and clay. To get hard and soft seem like a seamless effort, the light and heavy possible.

And always, I keep a logbook, not only is it lovely to record your process but it is also very rewarding to have and look back in, it is an art journey with what happened with you and your creative self, the choices you made and the growing of your vision – that inner power of searching for your own path.

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